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2nd Global International Webinar 2020 Small Businesses in the Emerging Scenario: Perish or Prosper

Small Global College International in association with Mid-Western University is conducting an international webinar. The theme if the web seminar is Businesses in the Emerging Scenario: Perish or Prosper.  The…

Covid-19 Challenge on Indian Tourism Industry: Remedial Measures & Issues Involved (Certificates included)

Whenever there has been any major impact on the economy of any country, tourism has always been the first one to get affected as people start to cut down on their travel budgets first. However, tourism relatively had a direct role to play when it comes to COVID-19 which has widely spread most in the countries with a high number of tourists.

Easy tips for eco-friendly travel

When you think about eco-friendly traveling the first things that come to mind are probably things like going camping or choosing to use your bike to travel across the country, but eco-friendly traveling is so much broader and includes so many smaller yet still “green” activities that are all a part of what it means to be an eco-friendly traveler.