BTTM 344: GDS (Global Distribution System) Ticketing

BTTM 344: GDS (Global Distribution System) Ticketing

Unit 1: GDS Basic LH 3
GDS introduction
signing in/out of System, Encode/ Decode City/airport/Aircraft / Country.

Unit 2: Add- on to Basic LH6
Timetable checking,
Seat Availability checking
Schedule and access type checking.
Return availability
Availability change entries
Airline Alliances

Unit 3: Creating a PNR LH5
Building a PNR Essential Field,
(Itinerary, Name, Phone, Ticketing time, Received from, End Transaction)
Open Segment
ARNK segment.

Unit 4: PNR Elements LH4
Building a PNR (optional field)
Frequent Flyer
Mailing Address, Billing Address,
Form of Payment
Optional Service, Information
Special service Request
Passport Details

Unit 5: Modification to PNR LH4
PNR Management
Cancelling PNR items
Changing PNR items
Dividing party

Unit 6: PNR Advanced LH3
Basic seating request
Advance seating Request
Seat request with area preference and passenger type
Seat map from PNR
Seat map from availability
Request specific seats
Modify seating elements

Fare display and rules
General fare display
Fare display for a specific carrier
Fare display for a specific dates
Fare display for a specific fare type
Fare display with taxes
Fare Display with combination of modifiers
Changing for Display
Fare notes
Displaying Specific parts of fare notes

Unit 8: Pricing Advanced LH3
Pricing Itinerary
Basic itinerary pricing
Single Passenger pricing display
Best buy pricing
Storing price
TST creation
Displaying TST
Miscellaneous fare elements

Unit 9:Ticketing Fundamental LH3
Issuing Ticket
Introduction to E- ticket
Issuing E-ticket
Interline E- ticket
Ticketing with consolidator fare
Voiding ticket
Ticket exchanges

Unit 10:EMD LH3
Issuing EMD
Ancillary services and EMDs
Pricing an ancillary service
Issuing an EMD
Stand alone EMD.

Unit 11:Queue LH3
Introduction to the queue system
Taking Queue counts
Queue placements
Optional element
Accessing queue
Removing PNR from queue
Placing a PNR on the delay queue
Changing segment status
Queue task(Waitlist clearances queue, Schedule change, Conformation queue, Waitlist assurance, Consolidator fares)

Unit 12: Calculation Function LH1
Calculator function
Clock function
Calendar function,
Currency conversion.
Connecting Times (MCT)

Unit 13: Help Page LH1
Using the help system

Unit 14: Timatic LH3
Introduction to timatic
Timatic help,
Entry requirements from PNR,
Health information from PNR,
Timatic full Text,
Timatic rules
timatic guided mode
Timatic expert mode.
Introduction to timatic web,
Passport, Visa and Health information,
Country information,
Retrieve health requirements.

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