TTM 341: Tourism Marketing (BTTM 4th, TU)

TTM 341: Tourism Marketing (BTTM 4th, TU)

Unit 1: Introduction

Meaning and Definition of marketing, goods and services, Types of services, special characteristics in marketing of services and leisure activities, Modern Marketing concept: marketing approaches, difference between sales and marketing, Tourism Marketing; special features and definitions, process of tourism marketing.

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Unit 2: Tourism Marketing Mix                                                                 

Tradition 4 P’s and extended Ps of services, tourism product, pricing and strategies, tourism promotion and distribution strategies, role of people, process, physical evidence, marketing mix analysis and developing marketing mix in tourism.

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Unit 3: Marketing Segmentation                                                          

Meaning, Types of tourist markets segmentation, Marketing Survey and Research, Tourist demand and forecasting, tourism promotion and marketing abroad;, role of public and private sector, incentive and subsidies, behavioral segmentation, profile of tourists: Americans, Japanese, British, Indian, Chinese, French, domestic.

Unit 4: Publicity and Promotion in Tourism                                        

Meaning of publicity, Meaning, objectives of promotion, promotion mix, factors affecting promotion mix, components of promotion mix, press and media public relations and communications, developing promotion plan, important promotional tools

Unit 5: Marketing Tourism Products                                           

Guide to marketing leisure activities, marketing of fairs and festivals, marketing congress; conventions, incentive travel, workshop, seminars, marketing techniques of a travel agency, consumers mix, marketing of airlines; travel agencies, tour operations.


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