BTTM 1st Semester /Travel Service Operation Management – I (TSOM)

BTTM 1st Semester /Travel Service Operation Management – I (TSOM)

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Please read the updated instructions [click here] carefully before you attempt the following questions.

Attempt any TEN questions (10*10=100) 

  1. What are the roles of a travel agency? Explain.
  2. Explain four unique tourism products of the world.
  3. Explain the registration process of a travel agency in Nepal.
  4. What are the major trekking routes of Nepal? Elaborate.
  5. Write about rafting; river grades and rafting equipment.
  6. What is meant by frontier formalities? Explain its various segments.
  7. Elucidate the arrival transfer process.
  8. Write short notes on any two a) COVID-19  b) Global warming     C) Visit Nepal 2020
  9. Show, how travel agencies play an important role in the tourism business.
  10. What are the impacts create by COVID-19 in the world tourism?
  11. If you were a tourism minister, what kind of regulations would you have brought to revive the Coronavirus-suffered tourism industry.
  12. All tourism consists travel, but all travels are not considered tourism, explain the statement.


*Upon completion of the exam, send your answers to, following the guidelines mentioned in the instructions.

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