BTTM 3rd Semester / Chinese Language (CL)

BTTM 3rd Semester / Chinese Language (CL)

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Please read the updated instructions [click here] carefully before you attempt the following questions.

Attempt any TEN questions (10*10=100)

  1. Write three meals(Break fast早饭, Lunch午饭,Dinner晚饭) through the day in pinyin.
  2. Write three example using word “ban”半with three different meaning of “ ban”半
  3. Write the numbers from 1 to 10 in Chinese
  4. Write down five sentences using the word “ba”吧.
  5. Write down the meaning of the following period nameof the following in pinyin. a) Year    b) Month   c) Day         d) Morning           e) Afternoon    f)Eveningg) O’clock       h) Minute    i) Thirty minute    j) Fifteen min
  6. Note down five different period of a day like early morning, fullmorning, noon, afternoon, evening.
  7. Write ten different names  of colour in pinyin.
  8. Make a schedule for “this week” eg: xing qi yi qu xue yuan.
  9. Writea paragraphabout COVID – 19 新馆肺炎  in English.
  10. Drill on Question & Answer. (回答问题)

Eg: ni zai zuo shenme?  (kan shu 看书)

(What are you doing?)

Wo zai kan shu.

( I am reading book.)

  1. ni zai zuo shen me? (Chi fan吃饭)
  2. ni zai zuo shenme? (xiu xi休息)
  3. ni zai zuo shenme? (shang ke上课)
  4. ni zai zuo shenme? (deng che等车)
  5. ni zai zuo shenme? (kan dian ying看电影)

11. Write a paragraph about yourself in Chinese.

12 Write 5 sentences using “he” Drink.

*Upon completion of the exam, send your answers to, following the guidelines mentioned in the instructions.

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