BTTM 1st Semester / Introduction to Hospitality Management (IHM)

BTTM 1st Semester / Introduction to Hospitality Management (IHM)

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Please read the updated instructions [click here] carefully before you attempt the following questions.

Attempt any TEN questions (10*10=100)

  1. Describe in details about Hotel and attributes of personnel.
  2. Write about the star rating system of Nepal.
  3. Describe about chain hotels and restaurants with examples.
  4. Explain about different types of rooms.
  5. Elaborate the features of hospitality services.
  6. What are the current trends in hospitality Industry?
  7. Explain the catering establishments with examples.
  8. Write about the F& B production department in your own words.
  9. Mention about types of Keys in hotel.
  10. Explain Organization chart of Mid-size hotel with different departments and staff.
  11. Explain the various classifications of hotel.
  12. Enumerate the leadership qualities required for the Hospitality Industry.

*Upon completion of the exam, send your answers to, following the guidelines mentioned in the instructions.

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