BTTM 1st Semester / English (Eng)

BTTM 1st Semester / English (Eng)

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Please read the updated instructions [click here] carefully before you attempt the following questions.

Attempt any TEN questions (10*10=100)

  1. Yudhisthira, in conversation with Yaksha, says, “Righteousness and truth are a man’s only weapon and protection.” Do you agree with this? Illustrate your answer with examples.
  2. One interpretation of ‘If Not Higher’ may be: Doing Good Deeds on earth may be a more exalted activity than doing God’s will in heaven. Offer another interpretation of If Not Higher.
  3. Discuss your views about going to university. Do you agree/disagree with Moti Nissani? Why? Is he overselling, underselling, or providing a balanced view of, higher education?
  4. Is marriage a private affair in your own case? Write a short essay on practice of marriage in your own community.
  5. What does Salman Rushdie mean when he says that “defiance is an inevitable and essential aspect of what we call freedom”? Do you agree with him?
  6. Do you believe that one can communicate with dead? Taking references from ‘Life is Sweet at Kumansenu’ write a short essay on how dead people are regarded or revered in your own culture.
  7. Ariel Gore states that TV can be a good parent. Do you agree? Why? What are other advantages (if you agree) or disadvantages (if you do not agree) of watching television?
  8. What is intelligence, anyway? Do you agree with Isaac Asimov that human beings cannot be placed on a one-dimensional intelligence scale that they are all made up of a unique mixer of intelligence and stupidity?
  9. It seems the news of his wife’s death does not make Krishna, the protagonist in the story The Telegram on the Table, sad. Do you think he had no heart to his wife?
  10. What according to Bertrand Russell are simple rules that help you keep silly errors at bay? Explain any five of them with examples.
  11. The Great Answer by Fulton Oursler and A Tale by Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala are basically about Life and Death? What is the great answer to the riddle of life and how can we make it blissful? Share the insights you gained about life after reading these stories?
  12. Linda Pastan’s poem raises ethical questions about life and art. What is worth more: Life or Art? Do you think the life without art (art in general like painting, music, film, theatre, literature, culinary arts, fashion etc) would still be worth living?

*Upon completion of the exam, send your answers to, following the guidelines mentioned in the instructions.

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