BTTM 3rd Semester / Tourism Products Development (TPD)

BTTM 3rd Semester / Tourism Products Development (TPD)

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Please read the updated instructions [click here] carefully before you attempt the following questions.

Attempt any TEN questions (10*10=100)

  1. Describe different forms of tourism products.
  2. Market research is the starting point for all Tourism Product Development. Discuss.
  3. What are major principles of Tourism Product Development?
  4. Describe tourism destination and its characteristics
  5. Why the preparation of a comprehensive assessment of the destination’s overall PEST situation is necessary?
  6. How Tourism Development Areas play an important role in establishing Tourism Development Strategy?
  7. Why product portfolio, investment plan and funding are necessary for a product development?
  8. What products do countries offer and market, and how are they tailored to the needs of specific market segments?
  9. Describe factors influencing tourism product development
  10. Analyze Tourism Area Life Cycle to determine a destination’s competitive position?
  11. Circuits, routes and trails require integrated development based on specific theme for product development. Discuss
  12. Nepal is enriched in tourism products (abundance in nature, culture and adventure). Despite all these products Nepal fails to tap high-end tourists. What measures should Nepal take to tap quality and high-end tourists?

*Upon completion of the exam, send your answers to, following the guidelines mentioned in the instructions.

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